At AndMakers, we entered 2020 hoping to grow our business and prove our concept of blending technology, fulfillment, and partnership expertise to enable retail entrepreneurs around the world to achieve scale and success. Just like everyone else, we had no idea what was actually about to happen: a global pandemic that changed the retail landscape forever.


Before I dive into our 2020 highlights and what’s on the horizon for 2021, I’d like to give a heartfelt thanks to our partners (both suppliers and retailers) and to the hard-working (and fast-growing) team driving our achievements. Our team hustled and pivoted and always went the extra mile to make sure our partners had what they needed to meet the demands of the times. 

It’s that kind of commitment that has us dreaming big for 2021 and beyond. But first…

2020 Highlights, by the Numbers


We ended 2020 on an incredible high note, with record-breaking orders and revenue in December. Year over year, we achieved:

  • 428% growth in supplier partnerships, including pet furniture, health & fitness, outdoor gear, and beauty
  • 100% growth in retail partnerships, including Petco, Walmart, Wish, Chewy, and Touch of Modern
  • 328% revenue growth
  • Wayfair Preferred Partnership status
  • Partnerships in 14 new countries, including India, Korea, Israel, Ireland, and Hong Kong
  • Dozens of new industry partnerships (including Shopify, Payoneer, and Kotra) to strengthen our A-to-Z retail ecosystem

These numbers show more than a proof of concept; combined with accelerated demand for overseas suppliers to enter the U.S. retail market, they point to a bright and boundless future for {Cenports/AndMakers/AndFulfillment} and our partners (retailers and suppliers alike).

What’s Ahead for 2021


We’ve got big goals for the next 12 months: expanding our team, opening our services to hundreds of new partners, expanding our operations in Asia and Europe, and introducing enhanced services including FinTech support, East Coast warehousing, the AndTribute marketplace, and advanced freight partnerships. 

Led by an international executive team that has almost 100 combined years of retail experience, we’re ready to establish a new global commerce dynamic that enables great suppliers to connect with billions of customers and scale sales without friction.


As always, thanks to our vendors and retailers for their continued partnership. If you’re not working with us yet, I’m always happy to chat about how we can help you and your business achieve your goals. And If you’d like to connect us with a potential new partnership or client, or would like recommend someone to join our growing team, please contact me to ask about our referral rewards program.


Here’s to a great 2021!

Derrick Chen, CEO

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AndMakers searches all corners of the world for finely crafted products to bring to the U.S. market. Their full-service connections result in high margins for retailers, incredible scale at low risk for manufacturers, and millions of happy customers.

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