If you’re an international vendor looking to sell in the U.S., one of the hurdles you’ll have to solve is getting your products into the hands of your U.S. customers. Building your own fulfillment solution, with warehouse and personnel investments, can be costly, and if you have multiple stores on different platforms, it can become difficult to keep track of all your orders. In this post, we’ll break down three factors of great logistics: shipping & fulfillment; warehousing; and channel integration. 

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Shipping & Fulfillment

You’ve decided on which retailer(s) you want to partner with. What are your options when it comes to shipping and fulfillment? There are two common methods:

  1. Direct shipping: Direct shipping allows you to ship and fulfill purchases directly to your customers via services from FedEx, UPS, etc. This method may reduce storage and personnel costs, but per-order costs are very high.
  2. 3rd-party logistics: 3PL services can really elevate your business by handling larger volumes and allowing you to sell your product at a consistent cost. Most 3PL services will have partnerships with delivery services that lower the overall cost of getting your products to your customers.

Warehouse Storage

A traditional way to store all your inventory is to rent or purchase a warehouse. But depending on square footage and operational expenses, this method may require far too much upfront costs for many businesses. 3PL services, again, might be a good option if they offer inventory management. Some 3PL partners, along with the distribution of your products, may offer warehouse space to store your inventory for an affordable price.

Order Management

Managing multiple orders from different retailers can be a hassle. That’s why utilizing inventory and order management software is vital to running a smooth and successful business. There are many software services available, all with different capabilities and price points. When looking for software solutions to eCommerce order management, consider its inventory, fulfillment, platform, and revenue management capabilities. Check out our in-house software to see how you can manage your business seamlessly on one centralized platform.

The AndMakers Advantage

Lower your costs and take control of your business. AndMakers works closely with our vendors to offer a streamlined experience of selling in the United States. We offer a variety of services that help you lower overhead and shipping costs along with a centralized dashboard to manage your business. From ocean freight to the customer’s hands, we take care of the whole process. Learn more about AndMakers and set up a meeting with us today to see if our services are right for you. 

AndMakers searches all corners of the world for finely crafted products to bring to the U.S. market. Their full-service connections result in high margins for retailers, incredible scale at low risk for manufacturers, and millions of happy customers.

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