Fall semester is right around the corner and dorm rooms are notoriously tiny. But don’t worry, we got you covered. Check out these space-saving products to maximize the space you have. 

Space Savers

An  LED light with a small footprint making it portable and convenient.
Sunbesta 16.9” Desk LED Lamp

This LED desk lamp has a small footprint making it perfect for small desk spaces. With its adjustable arms, this lamp makes it easy to maximize the space you have. This lamp also proved 3 color temperatures along with 7 brightness levels. It also comes with a USB charging port to make sure your devices are always charged and ready to go. 

The Homestead Lada Laptop Tray is a must-have for those days you don’t feel like getting out of bed. Get your assignments done in bed. This tray can also double as a secondary tiered step for freeing up space on your desk. This product is also completely foldable for the smallest footprint and portability.


Comfort has never looked so luxurious. This ultra-soft throw is an awesome addition to any dorm room. Envelop yourself in this ultra-soft throw to keep warm during the upcoming fall semester!

An adjustable Single Floor Sofa for space saving and portability.
Monster Living Adjustable Single Floor Sofa

Sleek, comfortable, and convenient. Monster Living’s floor sofa is perfect for making the best out of your floor space. Conventional couches can get expensive and take up a large amount of real estate. Adjustable and light-weight, movie night and late-night study sessions have never felt this good. 

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