Want to know why your products aren’t moving faster from their listings on Amazon, eBay, Overstock, Wayfair, etc.? I’ll give you a hint: look at the images below from a well-reputed stroller company:

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Would you put your baby in that? Would the baby even be comfy? It’s tough to tell from the two very similar product angles, neither of which shows the stroller in use. And lo and behold, this product only has one rating (even though, again, this is a big brand, with >90K monthly searches):

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Contrast that stroller with this one (full listing here):

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The BOB stroller is more expensive and has a LOT more ratings – almost 70 at the time of writing. And if you click on the product line and check out the images, it’s easy to see why: the listing shows a number of angles, calls out the product’s cool features, and generally provides assurance that this is a safe, comfy rig for your kiddo.

COVID-19 has sparked a huge surge in online engagement, with many people shopping online and preparing for a very different holiday experience than going to a store to see and feel the merchandise. It’s impossible to completely replicate the in-person experience with an eCommerce listing, but in general, there are rules of thumb for images to provide when selling products online that can help bridge the gap and lead to sales:

  • If you’re selling products with different color options, show images of each color
  • Always show the product from different angles
  • When possible, show the product in use or in a lifestyle setting
  • If your product has differentiating features, e.g. a cool mechanism or a flashy accent, make sure you have close-up images that show them
  • If your product has features you don’t necessarily want to expose (e.g. unfinished edges or exposed MDF, not solid wood), make sure those aren’t visible in your shots

If you’re not sure which images you should show to help assure your customers that your products are for them, join the free October 20th webinar with Wayfair, Payoneer, and AndMakers. You’ll get all the answers you need to succeed on your eCommerce journey.

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